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Electric Boilers Vs Gas Boilers

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  • 10-11-2016
Electric Boilers Vs Gas Boilers

Electric Boilers Vs Gas Boilers

When you have to replace your boilers, you have  a large selection to choose from. Let’s take a look at the difference between electric boilers and gas boilers, and which one you should go with.

Traditional gas boilers have been used for decades and they still remain in thousands of households.

With the introduction of electric boilers, home owners are starting to realise all the benefits they offer. These boilers are perfect for modern homes, especially those that do not have a lot of available space. 

Electric boilers work differently from gas boilers. They use elements to heat water and they rely on electricity to operate, as opposed to gas. 

This makes them more environmentally friendly, and safer too, as they don’t emit any gases.

Gas boilers are larger and they take up more space; they are also more expensive to install. They need additional tanks to hold water, which means they need more space.

Electric boilers are perfect for houses that are not connected to the gas mains. They are energy efficient and they don’t release any unnecessary heat.

They heat water on demand, whenever you open a hot tap in the home. The elements heat the water immediately so water is always available. 

Electric boilers are gaining a lot of popularity and home owners are increasingly starting to replace their older gas boilers with electric ones.

They will not only make your house safer but they are also more efficient and will save you money on your heating bill.